Beau - Twelve Strings to the Beau

Image of Beau - Twelve Strings to the Beau


Artist: Beau
Album title: Twelve Strings to the Beau
Label: The Sound of Salvation
Catalogue no: SOUND 001
Format: LP (Limited edition heavyweight vinyl)

"..…fourteen original Beau compositions that match, and in some cases better the songs that made such an impression over those two Dandelion albums… Any young, budding folkies would do well to check this album out for a quick lesson in how it should be done."

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In July 1969, Beau released the very first record on John Peel’s Dandelion label, the single “1917 Revolution”. Beau went on to record two critically acclaimed albums for John Peel’s label with the two men building a strong mutual respect.

Beau’s material varies from the striking folk guitar of ‘1917 Revolution’ to heavier tracks such as ‘Silence Returns’ which continues to capture significant worldwide attention. The past few years have seen a renewed interest in all things Beau with the highly praised reissue of his debut album and the release of his excellent Edge of the Dark unreleased collection.

There is a little known twist to the story of Beau. In 1975, with 12 string guitar in hand, Beau travelled to Heywood in Lancashire to record in the Tractor Sound Studio that legendary Dandelion band Tractor had just opened.

The recordings were a chance to test the studio but things were going so well that Beau decided to record a full album in the studio. The results were quite simply superb, with Beau creating some of his finest 12 string playing on the very best of a 400 strong catalogue of songs. Beau always brings something extra to his songs; an atmosphere that is quite unique, almost haunting. He always manages to draw the listener in, demanding their full attention.

Just as Beau was looking to release the album his life took a new twist with a promotion at work and the associated upheaval of his family to the other end of the country. Beau then made the decision to concentrate on songwriting and the odd show, so the album was put on the shelf and left to gather dust for 38 years.

A random blog post in 2012 regarding Beau’s Creation album, and a live performance for Chris McGranaghan of Those Old Records, finally made the crucial connections that will see “Twelve Strings to the Beau” released as the fourth album on The Sound of Salvation label.

It may have been a very long wait for Beau’s third studio album to see the light of day, but it’s certainly been a worthwhile wait. This is a warm and endearing album from the heyday of a unique British songwriter; and as such it certainly doesn’t disappoint.