Forever Pavot - La Soupe a la Grolle

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Artist: Forever Pavot
Title: La Soupe a la Grolle
Release date: 11.05.18
7" black vinyl (includes previously unreleased track and an unreleased instrumental)
Limited Edition of 300

Forever Pavot - La Soupe a la Grolle

La Soupe a La Grolle has that trademark Forever Pavot sound; beautifully constructed ‘60s psych blended with an irresistible twist of Ennio Morricone. There’s a passing nod to contemporary bands such as Tame Impala and Aquaserge, mixed in a dream-like Gallic atmosphere with the help of fuzz guitars, wild farfisa and bass lines interwoven with flute.
Before signing to Born Bad Records, Salvation Records released Forever Pavot’s second single ‘Miguel et Salam’ which sold out in record time thanks to great support from the likes of Jarvis Cocker on his BBC6 Music Sunday Service show.
The force behind Forever Pavot, Emile Sornin, is a multi talented musician, producer and video artist having made video’s for Disclosure and Dizzee Rascal as well as playing on the latest Charlotte Gainsbourg album ‘Rest’,

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