Inca Music Project - Prosiect Cerddorol INCA Music Project

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Artist: Inca Music Project
Title: Prosiect Cerddorol INCA Music Project
Release date: 25.09.15
7" gatefold sleeve (limited to 250 copies)

Inca Music Project - 3 tracks

"The story of this release presses all the right buttons – lost recordings by a Welsh art-house cinema band of charity shop diggers, creating new soundtracks for half-remembered animations, inspired by American ’60s psychedelic electronicists. It’s a hauntology fever-dream and it’s so credentials-heavy it could only be true." Shindig

Salvation Records have unearthed a misplaced recording of Ceredigion seaside string-laden psychedelic funk.
From the Seaside town of Aberystwyth comes the fuzzed out library orchestra, Prosiect Cerddorol INCA (INCA Music Project).

Conceived by former Radio Luxembourg member Rhys Spikes, this endeavour featured collaborations and co conspirators to create alternative soundtracks for long forgotten, but forever treasured, animated films for the “Cardi” youth.

Beginning as a “picture” house band for the Aberystwyth Art Centre cinema, INCA expanded their repertoire and ventured out beyond its creative confines to become a regional oddity on the live circuit.
Fuelled by discarded psych records found in Ceredigion charity shops as well as continuing the legacy as Welsh language musical un-conventionalists, such as Dyniadon Ynfyd Hirfelyn Tesog and AD73, INCA were unlike anything else that came out of mid Wales. With influences as perverse as Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies, Elephants Memory and Fifty Foot Hose, a danceable maelstrom was created by using modified and discombobulated orchestral instruments and home made electronic gadgets.

The recordings you will hear on this release were created at Blaen y Cae studio in North Wales during the National Eisteddfod week in 2008. Overseen by Beat Box heavyweight and former Genod Droog front man Ed Holden, who’s “phormula” proved invaluable for catching the projects sound.

These tracks should have been released on the Sbrigyn Ymborth label, but unfortunately this was not to be and the tapes were stored away until the audio archaeologists at Salvation re-discovered them.