Klaus Johann Grobe - EP

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Artist: Klaus Johann Grobe
Title: EP
Release date: 11.05.15
12" black vinyl 6 track EP

Klaus Johann Grobe - Koordinaten

“The duo sing exclusively in German, but despite the language barrier, their grooves are infectious and universal.” Pitchfork

"Swiss duo, Klaus Johann Grobe, play a kind of danceable Krautrock informed by early '80's New York punk funk pioneers such as ESG......" Shindig Magazine

"Impressive sets from Moon Duo and Klaus Johann Grobe close the live aspects of the Furnace tonight, where prog/psych and kraut-rock collide in a kaleidoscope of textures and driving, synthetic rhythms." Liverpool Echo (The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia)

After a successful album on Trouble in Mind Records (Im Sinne der Zeit), picking up a publishing deal with King Plush (Cargo Germany) & recent tours with The Growlers and Temples, Salvation Records is taking you back to the where it all started for Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe.

Sometime in 2012 Salvation Records (then The Sound of Salvation) received a mysterious Swiss private pressing by Klaus Johann Grobe and within several months had released a truly limited version for the UK market (just 168 copies on 10”) which sold out within two weeks, thanks in part to their friends Temples who played it during a visit to BBC Radio One.

Driven by an organic yet metronomic beat aligned with synth, chant-like vocals and a monstrous funky bass, this is seriously bum-waggling electro-freak goodness. The music does seem to aim towards a certain kind of hypnosis, particulary as the sleeping pill echo-heavy vocals cycle over the locked grooves the pair throw down.
Klaus Johann Grobe are certainly aiming towards the more dance-orientated arena of Kraut music, aligning the metro pulse of Klaus Dinger and Kraftwerk's calculators to more biological factors - kind of like moss growing on the mainframe.

The band spent 2014 touring in Switzerland, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark & the UK with appearances at the The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia, Incubate & The Reeperbahn Festival.

2015 opened with another tour of Germany before the band retreated to write & record their 2nd album for Trouble in Mind, to be followed by The Great Escape in Brighton, Eindhoven Psych Lab & summer festival appearances throughout Europe, before they head out for their first U.S. tour.

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