Psyence - Phoenix

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Artist: Psyence
Single title: Phoenix b/w Chemicals for Breakfast
Label: Salvation Records
Catalogue no: SOUND 009
Format: 12" (250 copies on red vinyl)

Psyence - Phoenix

A band so authentically different from its genre that it can only have outgrown it, Stoke-on-Trent psych-extraordinaires Psyence return with their new single 'Phoenix' on November 3rd 2014, alongside a series of UK tour dates.

Shirking the kraut-rock and dark side of post-psych while transcending the eternal cheesiness of the free-love Daisy age, Psyence are a band so differentiated from anyone else that it can only be described as stepping into new undiscovered frontiers.

Blurring the lines of 60's Americana garage rock and flirting with modern-day psychedelia such as Pond and Temples, Psyence is an intense chemical reaction of face-melting riffs, spacious vocals and groove-based rhythms that have been locked away up north to slowly mature away from the 'style over substance' London psych scene.

Following on from their acclaimed single 'Chemicals For Breakfast' earlier in the year, Psyence now return with more ‘third-eye cleansing' elixir on their expansive and ambitious new single ‘Phoenix’ this November.

Having already being lauded by the likes of NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine, The Quietus, Artrocker and The Guardian, as well as being hailed "the best live band" he'd seen in 10 years by The Charlatan's Martin Blunt, Psyence are rapidly becoming much much more than just a new ‘one to watch’.