The Revolutionary Spirit - Sunshine

Image of The Revolutionary Spirit - Sunshine


ist: The Revolutionary Spirit

Title: Sunshine b/w Leave it all Behind

Format: 7” (limited to 250 copies)

Label: The Sound of Salvation (SOUND 007)

Release Date: 28th April 2014

The Revolutionary Spirit - Sunshine

Rarely in this industry do you find a band so incredibly well hidden from sight, especially one that when first seen simply takes your breath away.

Record Store Day 2013 was the day that one of the Welsh brethren finally persuaded me to travel into their heartland to watch a band play a daytime show in a tiny room over a council community centre.

Into this surreal landscape wonder the coolest, most aloof individuals i’ve seen in many a year and soon the room is awash with dense atmospherics, a swirling mass of sounds, building, swaying, taking the room and everyone in it on a heady journey of blues riffs and
minimalistic psychedelia.

Just as the room embraces this Spacemen 3 esque journey we’re suddenly and violently jolted out of our heady experience by a brutal jolt of power driven Stooges guitar. As we are reeling against the ropes, and without time to recover our senses, another huge guitar riff pile drives over the first, pushing us to the limit, with the tiny room straining to hold in the power of this band.
They make everything sound so simple, but it’s delivered with such a huge sound.