The Solo Artists - Broken Seagull in a Box

Image of The Solo Artists - Broken Seagull in a Box


Artist: The Solo Artists
Title: Broken Seagull in a Box b/w Golden Star
Format: 7” Broken Seagull coloured vinyl (limited to 120 copies) + Download
Label: The Sound of Salvation (SOUND 005)
Release Date: 17th March 2014

The Solo Artists - Broken Seagull in a Box

The Solo Artists is the brainchild of the mysterious globe-trotting Lars Gabel, an artist who has set the local scenes of Hamburg & Liverpool alight & is about to do the same in Auckland, New Zealand.

Lars cut his teeth as singer & songwriter in Hamburg garage punk band The Sextons, before jumping ship to Liverpool where he met Liverpool legend Ged Lynn, formerly of Liverpool garage band The Stairs.
This fortuitous meeting resulted in probably the finest unsigned band that Liverpool ever produced, The Living Brain, a quite astonishing psych band that recorded an unreleased album that is still spoken of in hushed tones.

Not being one for spending too much time in one place Lars decided to take a trip to Hamburg, recorded Broken Seagull in a Box with German record producer Renee Laack and instead of returning to Liverpool Lars next showed up in Auckland (via Japan) where he’s in the process of putting together a band who will be hitting the stages of New Zealand in March 2014.